Darkened Sorrow

Vicky, as they used to call her, had been driven out of their home because of an affair she was warned to call off but insisted in going on with it. Her parents had learnt of her pregnancy that she had been hiding for a while now. Though her mother was not in support of her being driven out,she had no choice. Vicky’s dad was an ex military officer and as such,whenever someone disobeyed his orders, he thought less before taking any decision. He was an ex military officer and was used to issuing orders and being obeyed.

“Is it a crime to be in love? Why should I be made to suffer for something I totally have no control over?” Vicky’s mind was troubled. She knew that her parents, especially her dad would be angered by her outcome but what she had no idea of was the fact that she would be sent packing out of a place she called home for the past 24 years. She was now living with her best friend Lizzy at a place not so far from her parent’s house.

“I do not want to see this rascal in my house again. Let this be the first and the last time this happens ,” Vicky’s dad had cautioned her the day he returned home and met her with James,a man her dad did not approve as her boyfriend.

“And you young man. Look at you, what do you think you can offer to my daughter that I cannot? You don’t even have enough to take care of yourself,” he said with an authoritative voice.

“I am sorry sir,” James said in defence. He was shaky and appeared confused at the same time. Heaven knows he wanted to walk out of that place and never look back again.

“Be sorry to yourself. Next time I see you near my house you will have yourself to blame. Now leave this place this minute.” Vicky’s dad commanded.

James walked out in quick small steps as Vicky watched in disbelief. “Dad! That was too harsh.” She lashed out.
“Will you shut up this minute. Are you trying to challenge my authority in my own house? He asked.

“No dad but that was not fair at all. James is…” she tried to explain but was interrupted by her mother walking in.

“Warn your daughter, I will not repeat myself on this matter again,” her dad said. Vicky’s mother had gotten used to carrying the blame whenever Vicky did anything wrong. It was the price she had to pay for being her mother.
Vicky’s thoughts were interrupted by Lizzy. Although she was not in support of her relationship with James, she was concerned by the fact that Vicky had not been herself ever since she moved in with her. She had pleaded with her to get over what she was going through countless times to no avail. In fact, everything had become worse now that Vicky had not heard from James for three days now. They had both tried to reach him buy they couldn’t.

After about a month and a half of trying to locate James without any success, Vicky had decided to move on with her life. She had begun to be herself although she could not forgive her poor self when she thought that she was no longer with the person that made her get chased away from her parent’s house. She had contemplated going back home but then, she was aching with pain for what her father did to her. Again, she was heavy with James’ child. The occurrences in her life made her sick.
It had been long since James and Vicky parted ways. He was now managing his fast growing business in a separate town. He had changed from a weak and poor man into being a respectable and wealthy man. He had chosen to move on with his life as well after the last encounter at Vicky’s home. He had gone through so much humiliation that day. He had vowed to work hard and give his life a balance. Now, he was glad everything was working out for him. Although he was already involved with another lady from where he moved to, he knew he had not gotten over Vicky and would dare to get her back if the opportunity presented itself. He still loved him as if they had just met.

James had struggled to make it work between him and Janice, the lady she was currently involved with. She was equally from a wealthy background as Vicky. But in contrast to Vicky, she was ill mannered. Having being brought up in an environment where she lacked nothing meant that James had to struggle and ensure she got what she wanted. Sometimes, he hated himself for ever ending up with Janice. But it seemed he had a taste of classy ladies from classy backgrounds. He hated that fact about himself.

“God, why did I end up a slave in my own life? I grow to hate this girl day by day because of what she is, a thorn in my flesh. All she cares about is money, money and more money. God forbid if I ever end up with her.” These were James’ thoughts one afternoon as he sat in his office before the phone rang.

His office was a flashy one with a huge mahogany desk and a huge office chair. In front of the desk were two other seats. On the right hand side when you walked into his office, at the very end, was a shelf that was full of files and a couple of books that I believe carried knowledge on how he managed his business. A small section of his office was partitioned and arranged as if it were a reception with leather seats and a small coffee table where he sat whenever he was winding off or when he wanted to entertain his visitors. It was here that he was seated before the phone rang.
He was just about to leave the office when Janice walked in accompanied with a lady friend of hers. She had passed by at James’ office as it was her daily routine to check up on him. James knew that is what she said but he knew she always spied on him to find out whether he kept another lady. That was another thing James hated about her.

“You are leaving? Where to?” Janice asked out of curiosity.
“I have a business to attend to, I’m off to a meeting with my business partners,” he answered “Ooh, and now that you are here, I won’t be back until weekend,” he added.
“What? So you are going away for three days, just like that? What if I had not come here, will I have known?” She asked.
“Please please, don’t even start. I could have called. Better still, I’m still passing by the house to pick up a few things.” He answered in defense.

Their footsteps echoed eerily off the highly polished tile floor as he walked them out of the office. He had not said a word to Janice’s friend who was now surprised of how her friend even tolerated such a man. As he locked the office door, he asked his secretary to take care of everything for the time he would be away.

Vicky’s child had grown into a small little Angel. She had named her Victory. Perhaps because of what she had gone through before her baby was born and still endured it, or perhaps she just wanted a name similar to hers. Victory was her only source of hope and life. Even though she was just three and did not understand anything, she still meant the world to Vicky.

Vicky was now living alone after Lizzy moved in to live with her husband after their wedding. She did not see the need to look for a different apartment since she has always loved that particular one that once was Lizzy’s. She was in doing house chores as it was her routine during the weekends now that she did not used to go to work. Normally, she would hang out with her daughter after she was done with her chores.
Loud screams from across the road disturbed her peace in the house. She had learnt to stay away from people as much as he could. She loved to maintain her secret lifestyle and even though she wanted to go out and witness what was happening, she could not. Then the thought of her daughter crossed her mind.
She moved around the the house calling her daughter’s name. She couldn’t get a response. The more she ran towards the crowd that had gathered across the road, the more she feared for her daughter.

“Where is my little girl? She was dressed in a red…and had…” She tried to explain before she ran out of breath. She was all tensed up and scared at the same time.
“Amepelekwa hospitali,” one man answered. Vicky hugged herself as if a grip of a sudden chill. For a moment, she did not understand what to do. She stood unmoving like a rooted oak. She was sweating despite the chill weather.

As she made her way into the hospital ward where her little girl was lying, she was too confused to notice the presence of the young man who had carried Victoria to the hospital. Apparently, he was the one who also ran over her so it would only be fair for him to bring her to the hospital.
Vicky stared at her innocent daughter as she was being attended to by the doctor hoping that nothing bad happens to her. She was all she got after being driven away from home a year ago. For a moment, she gathered more strength to ask what really happened that led her daughter in that condition. But she knew she was to blame. She should not have left such a small kid all by herself without watching over her.

As the doctor walked out of the ward, Vicky and James were left alone. None of them said a word to the other. Perhaps, they were both shocked that they were reunited by that ugly incident.

“So, that is your kid?” James asked though he knew he was sounding rather silly. But someone needed to talk and break the silence between them.

“Yeah, you got any problem with that?” Vicky responded in a harsh voice as if spitting venom. Though she was happy to see him, she also hated him for ever leaving her to suffer all that long. She did not understand what she wanted.

“Hey listen, I’m really sorry for everything but I needed…”
“Shut up! You think you can walk out of my life, come back knock my little girl down and stand right in front of me and say you are sorry?” She interrupted rudely.

James could not say anything in defense because he did not want her to get more angrier than she was. He kept silence and watched through as Vicky, now in tears, struggled to come to terms with what was happening. He felt like embracing her like he used to but he could not. He had wronged her and he knew it.

That evening as he drove back to the hotel where he had checked while on his business meeting, a lot went through his mind but he was determined to fight for what was once his. Even though he was not sure of the outcome.

Vicky returned home with her daughter after she spent three days undergoing treatment. James had come to check up on them but did not find them. He went ahead down the road to Vicky’s place. He had gotten her address from the hospital record.
Vicky was seated on the couch pondering about she wanted in life and how things eventually turned out to be. Then she heard a knock at the door.

“Come in, the door is not locked,” she said looking towards the door to see who it was. She stood in surprise and walked towards James, he asked him to leave.

“Please, at least let me have the right to find out how our daughter is faring on.” He said.

“Did you just say our daughter? Huh, so where were you when I was going through hell with her pregnancy? Where were you when I got kicked out of my own home because of you, where were you James? When I needed you the most?” She asked.

“I needed to get things right. I was not worthy to be with you at that time. Remember what your dad said to me? I needed to make a name for myself before I could come back for you. I really I’m sorry. Please.” James said with a weary and shaky voice.

“But you could have told me, you could have kept in touch with me,” she responded. “So what do you want now?” She asked again.

“I want you back. I want to take care of you and our daughter. I want to make things right again. Please give me a second chance to do that.” He answered.

Vicky had never been that confused all her life. Her inner being wanted him. But physically, his presence alone irritated her. She had known James long enough and through all that period, he had never disappointed her. He really loved her and he had told her that countless times. She was willing to take him back, at least for the sake of their daughter whom she had struggled to raise for the past three years.

In the middle of all that, Vicky someone else knocked at the door. “Did you come with someone?” She asked him.
“No, I came all alone. But I invited your dad over here. Like I said, I want to make things right. So, let’s start with this.” He answered in return.
Vicky walked to the door to confirm what she just heard. She flanged the door open and the sight of her father made her realize how serious James was. She moved aside to give her dad more space to come in without saying a word.

“I am so sorry my daughter. Now I have realised that everyone deserves a chance to do what they think is right for them.” He said as he opened his arms to receive back his daughter. James looked on as father and daughter reunited.

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  1. Nice piece. However check for small mistakes, like but instead of buy, chased away which I think should be sent away. For this I stand to be corrected, do we say James’ or James’s

  2. Something else, I think the title could have been ‘Second Chance’ or ‘Give Me Another Chance ‘ on the grounds that Vicky wanted to redeem her image more so to her dad, and James wanted to make things right with Vicky and her dad.

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