Is DP William Ruto the Man to Watch Ahead of 2022 General Elections?

Deputy President William Ruto. (Image Courtesy)

The recent political gestures demonstrated by opposition Chief Raila Odinga has left many with questions as to what to expect come the 2022 general elections.

Although he claims to be making peace in the name of salvaging the country that according to him, had reached a precipice and was about to tip over, Kenyans should still expect a surprise from the former premier with regards to vying for the coming elections.

A clear observation of Kenya’s political environment will tell you that there are at least three major ‘political mergers’ that will move to the ballot to seek appointment into the higher office. While names have been mentioned, it is not yet clear who will stand with the Deputy President as his Deputy when he seeks re-election as the president. But is he the man to watch ahead of the 2022 general elections?

For a long time, the choice of president Kenya has had since independence has been determined by the two major blocks which arguably, have the largest number of voters compared to others. These are counties found in the rift valley and the central part of Kenya. If the two blocks will remain united like they were in the previous elections, then, it will be easier for the DP to clinch the top seat.

This however depends on the support of the voters from his backyard. Gideon Moi of KANU and son to former president Moi has also shown interest in vying for presidency in the coming general election. Both he and the Deputy President come from the same region and although DP has more influence than Moi, his support cannot be ignored.

If Raila Odinga chooses to vie for another time, this will mean that his political command will also be a huge disadvantage to the DP. Whoever the former premier will choose as his running mate will go an extra mile in determining what amount of votes he will get whether from the Rift Valley region or the Central region which are the main centres of focus as per now. With the recent gestures he has been demonstrating, no one is certain of what plans he has up his sleeves ahead of the 2022 elections.

The shift in the political temperature especially within the opposition has been a major cause of dilemma amongst the members of the public with many of them still having no clue as to what to expect. This in particular, has been resulted in by the division and wrangles that were experienced in the leading opposition coalition, Nasa.

It is evident that the DP will be one of the main contenders in the coming elections. As noticed, he is no longer the hard-talking, abrasive leader we knew a few years back. The statesmanship in him became evident right after assuming the office of the Deputy President. The 2022 race could be his to lose!
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