Lion in Love

Have you ever seen a thunderbolt
Have you ever seen where the oceans meet
They never separate
Have you ever seen a lion in love

I am a lion, a lion in love
The ocean that touched you
The bolt in thunder,
That sparked and fell in love with you

You are like a palm,
Rubbed on the feet of a mighty king
Bringing a spring to his steps
You complete my being

But I’m scared, and
My heart looms with fear
Fear that you will change and leave me
Because you are young and naive

So, like in a dream, you confirmed my fear
Yes, you ran away from our love!
You pierced my heart and left me bleeding
Day and night I yearned for you

Looking at the moonlight reminded me,
Of how your love brightened my soul
I gave you my whole, but like a ship in heavy seas,
You tossed my love in the ocean

Now, I’m filled with vengeance, at your thought
Destroyer of kingdoms!
I’m restless, cause my soul wants vengeance
But my heart wants you

My life is filled with melancholy
Come back my princess,
Come back my mermaid,
My beautiful moon light!

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