Prisoner of Love

I remember it like yesterday
The day we met like we were meant
They say life is not a bed of roses
To me, you are like an ocean full of roses

They looked at us in despair
With little hope, that we would conquer the world
But like a ship, you held my hand, and together we sailed
Deep into the horizon, that we heard them no more
Like a potter and his clay, you mould my life

Many a times, I looked into the future
With fear that a day would come, when our world would crumble
Fear, of what would become of us as fugitives
Yes, Fugitives of love
A love that blossomed like a sunflower at sunrise

But behold, with your tender love and care, you comforted me
Like a soldier conquers a battle field,
You promised, that together we would conquer the odds
Destructions came, and I was tempted to touch
But the thought of you held me from the wallow

With an innocent face you laughed
when I first made a pass
My emotions you toiled
My happiness notwithstanding
For hours you kept silent
And made me a prisoner, a prisoner of love

Like a baby I yearned for your love,
But alas!
Being a friend is all you wanted
With no strings attached you said

Like a servant, I sat at your feet
Ready to be used of you
Helter skelter I ran, trying to please you
But still, I remained worthless to you
All you cared for is happiness, your own happiness.
But again,

My heart is ablaze, with an ardent desire of you
For you fill my life with happiness and joy
Your radiant love glows on me like a candle in the dark

Day by day, I am lost in thoughts of you
Dreaming of a day that my wish would be granted
That a time would come for me to call you my own
Tell you how much of a masterpiece you are,
A piece of art!
This I write to you with great compassion
So you may know how much I adore you

Yours in love…..

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