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4k Cameras for shooting professional footage

Panasonic CX1000
Among the latest technologies of video cameras is the 2017 Panasonic HC-X1000.

The new HC-X1000 is good for banquette and sports photographers and videographers because of the lightweight and compactness. It is also suitable for broadcasters because it has a variety of versatile features and can be able to shoot 4k in 60p which means it will give you a much great resolution.

The HC-X1000 shoots in different frame rates. For instance, in cinema 4k, you can be able to shoot 24p at 100Mbs whereas in regular 4k, you can shoot up to 60p at 150mbs. It is also able to shoot up to 200mbs in all intra which makes it easy to edit the footage.
Key features
1. 2 SD card slots. This capability in the 2017 HC-X1000 ensures that you are able to capture your footage on one SD card and when it’s full, the storage automatically shift to the next SD card. Alternatively, you can film the original footage on one SD card as the background scenes record on the other. This ensures that no scene is missed while recording.

2. Triple manual rings. You can adjust your Zoom, Iris and focus in order to get the best shot of your subject.

3. X20 optical zoom leica lens

4. 2 XLR inputs for audio inputs

5. Built in neutral density filter

6. A flip-out LCD screen

Sony PXWZ100
Key Features
1. Continuous recording with XQD media

2. External input/output such as HDMI, TC-in and SDI.

3. Triple control rings and ND filter

4. Dual XLR audio jack with 48v phantom power to external microphone

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