Hell on Earth as Syria Suffers Civil War

Civil war erupts in Eastern Ghouta, hundreds die thousands injured. Image Coutesy

Over 500 people have been killed in Syria in the past six days with thousands of others getting injured in what is believed to be a confrontation between the Syrian and Russian governments after a Russian plane was shot down by Syrian rebels.
A confrontation that has been dominated by consistent air strikes targeting residential places in Syria. The Syrian suburb of Damascus, Eastern Ghouta which is currently a home and trap to over 400,000 people is the main victim that has been affected by the effects of the war.

Major hospitals in different towns have been hit by consistent air strikes making it difficult for injured victims to receive medical attention. The number of deaths registers continues to rise following a shortage of doctors in affected areas.

Various government across the West have condemned Iran and Russia’s actions towards Syria in propagating the civil war with United States president Donald Trump terming it ‘a humanitarian disgrace’.
“What Russia, Iran and Syria have done in the recent few days is a humanitarian disgrace,” said Trump affirming that the role of the United States in affected countries is to fight against the ISIS.

The UN Security Council has also condemned the actions in Eastern Ghouta as the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres calling for an immediate suspension of all war activities in the affected areas.

The three countries have so far been in a seven year period of conflict.

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