How to Make a Double Exposure in Photoshop CC:Man and City

Step Guide:
Create a new layer by holding Ctrl+N, make layout adjustments you so desire.

Hold Ctrl + O and select the folder containing the man picture to open the image

Use a quick selection tool or the pen tool to select the image of the man. You can learn how to select an image from the background here

If using the pen tool, once done, right click and make a selection. Set the radius to 0.5 pixels or adjust it according to the size of your image

Pick the rectangular tool from the tools panel and right click in the image-select layer via copy

Hide the background layer to make adjustments on your selection layer.
Go to image-Adjustments-levels on the top panel. Adjust the levels to best suit your image selection. You can try 45- 1.30- 255 then hit ok.

Pick the rectangular tool and select the part of the image that you won’t need. In this tutorial, I prefer to work with a passport-size image of a man, I will use the rectangular tool to select and delete the unwanted part of my image.

Once you have your final image, pick the move tool and drag it onto the layer you created at the beginning.

Hold Ctrl + T to resize the image. Remember to hold the shift button down as you resize to have a definite image.

You can change the background to desired colour but ensure you have it highlighted before doing so.

Bring in the next image, of your city using the same process. Go to image-adjustments-levels and adjust the settings to match those of the initial image.

Again, drag and drop the image onto your main working area like you did with the first image.

Once you have your city image there, transform it by clicking on edit-transform then rotate it to 90` CCW.
Further transform the image by flipping it horizontally.

Align it on the first image on the section you want it to appear.

Hold down Ctrl and select the layer to see the precision of the image. Click Ctrl + D to deselect afterwards.

Hold ctrl and select the image of the man/your first image. Once highlighted, pick the city layer and create a layer mask on it. You can do this by clicking on the layer mask icon at the bottom panel on the layer’s panel.

Drag & drop the layer with the man above the on with your city.
Change the blend mode to screen just above the layers panel.

Select the layer mask you added and pick a brush tool. Adjust the size of the brush and rub through the frames of the city image to reveal it as you desire.

Open another city image to add on top of the man. Adjust its hue and saturation in the top panel. Click image-adjustment-levels to make a more appropriate image. Set the values to 50, 0.88, 220

Use the brush tool to recolour the sky if you have one on your image. Set your foreground colour to white

Drag and drop the image to the main working area and resize it appropriately. Transform the scale and picture to 50% and rotate it 90` CCW

Place the image on the head of the man and transform it appropriately.
Add a layer mask on the second city image. Use a brush tool to uncover the parts of the city.

Select both city images and change the blending mode to multiply
Add a new layer on top of the city layers to get rid of unwanted city exposure.

Use a brush tool to delete revealing exposures on the face of the man. Ensure to set your foreground colour to black and the brush mode to normal

To clear the overlap of the city images, click on the layer mask of the top city layer and brush through.
Your final image should appear similar to this:

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