How to Select an Image from a background in Photoshop CC

Most times you take a picture that fascinates you because of one reason or the other. But maybe, it would fascinate you even more to have the picture in a certain background. This happens most of the time when you are a graphic designer and you are working on this posta or flier and you need a good picture in a good background for the same on your final work.

Sometimes, you also wish to edit your own picture and insert it into a background that is more captivating than the one appearing in the original picture.

In this tutorial, I will show you a step by step guide on how to select an image off a background and place it in a different background of your own choice.

Step Guide:
-Open Adobe Photoshop cc
-Start new project by clicking on file box in the top left corner
-Select New in the drop down menu or hold Ctrl+N. A selection box will pop up
-In the box, make the appropriate adjustments that will suite your work. -Make your selection International paper on the document type box. Pick A4 for page size and select pixels in the width column
-Click ok and immediately your working sheet will appear.
-Now open your image by clicking on file-select open or hold Ctrrl+O
-Chose a folder that contain your photo. Open it and click on your photo then press open
-At this point, you should be having both your worksheet and your image opened separately. Double click on their layers on the right hand side to unlock them and give them a name that will enable you identify them.
-Once the image layer is unlocked, move to the left side on the tools and pick the quick selection tool that appears fourth
-Make adjustments in size of the tool depending on the size of your image and select the one with the +sign from above the top left corner.
-Move to the image and carefully select it using the quick selection tool. Remember to keep adjusting your tool measurements to achieve accuracy.
Use the –sign tool to bring back the selection to the edge of the image if the selection goes beyond the image you want. In case you make an error in your selection, hold Ctrl+Z to undo.
-Once you are done with the selection, go to the tools menu on the left side and pick the move tool to drag the image onto the working sheet.
-Once on the worksheet, drop the image there and you will have something similar to what I have above.
-Press Ctrl+T to resize your photo.

You should have something similar to this as your final edit:

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