My Dream

Being successful in life has always been my dream ever since I was at a tender age. I have always seen myself as a successful and influential person in the society regardless of what I am presently. Now, the day had come for me to live my dream. I thanked my creator for setting such an opportunity before me. I was not willing to let it pass me by like an ocean breeze.

I woke up very early the following morning knowing that it was my first day at work as the new General Manager of FNC group of companies. I did not want to disappoint my bosses on my first day at work. So, I prepared myself for work and after exactly an hour, I was already set to leave my tiny house I called home for my new place of work.

As I walked out of my compound to go after my dreams, I knew that after a few years of working, I would have achieved my goal of living like a king in life. I was deeply engrossed in my own thoughts as I walked to work. From the big house that I would own to the cars that I would have et cetera.

I had barely spent five minutes in my new office when the telephone called. On receiving it, one of the board members informed me that I needed to be in the board meeting coming up in the next two hours where I was to be introduced a s the new GM of the company. The news came to me as a surprise knowing that I was just a few minutes old in the company. But I loved challenges.

So I took it positively bearing in mind that there was a first time for everything in life. I responded to the many emails from different clients in my computer before I could leave for the meeting. Though the work was a bit challenging from the busy schedules that went on in the office to the numerous meetings that had just started on my first day, I knew I had my duties and obligations to fulfil as the new manager of the company and I was not going to let anything interfere with that.

After three hours of a round table discussion during the board meeting, I walked out of the board room feeling more encouraged and determined with my job. I didn’t know that for one to be successful in life, it required so much time and ideas. What really caught my attention was what the company had offered me. An official car and residence. I smiled as I thought of how my life had begun to blossom. For a moment I let go of the humble me and wore the suite of a boss. After all, I was a boss too.

‘So this is how good life can be when you are focused.’ I said to myself as I watched my secretary walk into my office.

‘Excuse me sir, I had come to remind you of the meeting with Mr.Jibola.It is in the next thirty minutes.’ she said.

‘Ok, thank you for the remainder. I will just prepare for him. Meanwhile get me the file of the mining company. The one in Britain.’ I answered.

‘Very well sir. Just a minute.’ she replied.

I was really enjoying the warm reception that I was receiving from my fellow staff members. I had never expected to work under such a conducive environment. The idea motivated me to have the company’s interests at heart.

After I was done with the meeting with Mr. Jibola,it was already time to leave the office. We had had a very smooth and successful meeting and I thought that was just enough for me to do in one day. I drove home in my new ride, a black Mercedes Benz, as I listened to some soft music that calmed my nerves.

When I got home, I could hardly believe my eyes. For a moment, I thought it was a dream A house that I had dreamt of living in for years was now where I was going to call home since then. ‘Where are my enemies, come and see what is happening to me!’ I reckoned to myself.

I felt like celebrating. But because all my friends had turned their backs against me due to my consistent dependant on them, I had no choice but to celebrate on my own. That moment reminded me of how Jenifer had abandoned me when she lost hope on our being together. It was a day I vowed never to forget easily. It had never downed to me that after what we shared together, she could abandon me for a stranger she met. Just because he was well off in life than I was…No. I wished I could get her back but she had disappeared into the mystery of life not to be seen again.

That night, as I went to bed, I could not stop thanking my Creator for having allowed me live to see such a great day.

I was so fatigued from all my daily operations that I conducted in the office earlier in the day that I dozed off barely thirty minutes after my stay on my comfy bed. I slept soundly hoping to wake up for a better tomorrow.

James! James! I could hear someone call my name from a distance. Then followed a tap on my shoulder. I slowly opened my eyes only to see my mother standing before me.

‘Ooooh! Mama, did you have to wake me up at this time? Of all the time in this world.’ I lamented. Until today, I go to bed every night hoping to carry on with my dream from where it stopped.



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