New Dawn

Everyone would wish to live their dream life especially as a young soul. A lot of people go through hell trying to make ends meet because at the back of their minds, they have dreams to achieve, situations they want to turn around and changes they want to make in their lives and those around them.

Being a dreamer is no crime and just like any other person, I also had a dream. A dream that one day, I would bear solutions to people’s problems no matter what it may cost. I was determined to make this dream a reality. The humble background that I was brought up in has always been my inspiration. Having being brought up with a single mother who virtually went through hell to see me through school, my desire was to make her proud by changing the kind of life we lived together with my siblings.

My quest for success sent me to the city of Nairobi for greener pastures as they say. I had never been to a city before not mention that I had no relative whatsoever in a city that to many, was cruel if you didn’t understand your mission and purpose there. I had never experienced life in any city. In fact, back home, people considered it a luxury to be in the city. And so, here I was, determined to make it work for me. Sailors they, say are like birds of passage; they feel equally at home in the north and in the south.

At a tender age of 18, I spent cold nights in the streets of Nairobi for days if not weeks trying to figure out my next move. I had probably made a friend or two with whom we spent time together with. What made us close to one another was the fact that we were both on the same mission in the city. Together we had learnt the little tricks that enabled us survive in Nairobi. They say society is like a sheep; everyone ought to be prepared to steer it.

One particular morning, I decided I was going to start looking for a job that would make my then harsh kind of life more bearable. Office after office, house after house I visited with the hope of landing a job. I remember a majority of people I approached looked down on me. Some went further to say that they would never hire me to do any particular job. Maybe it was because of how wretched I had become after going days without a place to call home. However, I did not let that become a stumbling block to me. I was determined to achieve my mission.

Days had gone after I started looking for a job with no avail. In fact, the queer tale about what people used to say about life in the Nairobi, I had experienced most of it if not all. I was at the verge of calling it an end for life in the city when a new day dawned. I remember walking into this office, saw this elegantly dressed gentleman who asked me a few questions and promised to help me. Well through I did not get most of what he said because of how polished his language was, I knew he was a nice person and that he meant to help. To begin with, he offered me a home and for that, I owed him a great deal of gratitude.

That same evening as LJ, as he asked me to call him, introduced me to his home then later to his wife. The kind of home LJ and his family lived in remained to be a reminder to me of what I wanted to achieve. For starters, LJ and his wife agreed that I would work as a houseboy in their lavish home in the outskirts of Nairobi city. I didn’t care a whit what it is I needed to do. I intended to make them proud of me. After all, that is what I have been longing for since my arrival in Nairobi.

I had lived with the LJs for a long time and I found life smooth with them. Though a houseboy, both him and the wife treated me as if I were their own child. My prayer for them was that God would continue to bless them for having impacted my life in a positive way.

Three years after working as a houseboy, LJ offered me a position as his Personal Assistant (PA). That meant that I had to forfeit me duties as a houseboy and begin to learn the dynamics of being a PA. Day after day, I learnt and became good at what I do. At this particular time in my now career, I had rented a place of my own away from LJ’s home. I wanted to experience life from a different angle.

As one of my duties, LJ required that I represent him in some meetings that he would otherwise not be able to attend. One morning, I walked into one of such meetings and as a representative, I had not earned enough coin to dress like every other executive dressed. In many occasions where I had acted as a representative, I was required to listen and not participate in giving out my views on anything whatsoever. I was considered a subordinate and as such, I had no right to express opinions that contradict my superiors. Sometimes I felt I could be of great help in such meetings but then, it amazed me how we men, could be so judgemental when in reality we are as blind as a bat. Such was life and the bitter part of it all was that I needed to live with it. But again, that motivated me to work even harder that one day, I would be on that side of the table.

The more I went to those meetings, the more I desired to be a business executive someday. Perhaps, LJ asked me to attend them so I could learn and understand what it entailed.

“If you want to be successful don’t be a type of fellow that will go down on the first blow.” Those were the exact words LJ told me the day I walked into his office to request him if he could help me start a business of my own.

“Yes, I think I pride myself on that.” I answered in response. LJ had promised to be of whatever help I needed in starting my new course. It was a nice thing to feel that bond of brotherhood between oneself and one’s fellow citizen.

Two years on, business had grown and I had almost achieved everything I had dreamt of achieving. Having made success my order of the day, I promised myself to be a leaning shoulder to anyone who would approached me for help. After all, one good turn deserves another.

Like a baby crawls and eventually learns how to walk, so does one learn to be successful. Understand your purpose, know what you want to achieve and focus all your efforts towards it regardless of the storms. Above all, the strongest man in the world is he who stands alone!

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