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JVC 4K Cameras for shooting professional footage

The new JVC 4K cameras aim to make 4k Ultra HD video accessible to a wide range of users including independent shooters, corporate, commercial and live events production teams. Below is a look at some of the latest JVC technologies:

Apart from being cost effective, the GY-HM170 provides professional video control and features. It is also compact and light enough to carry around.

The GY-HM170 is a great option for shooters looking to break into the world of ultra HD recording.

Key Features
1. 0.5 inch 12.4 Megapixel CMOS sensor that delivers ultra HD video recording at 24fps, 25fps and 30fps.

2. SDHS and SDXC storage with 2 slots available for dual and relay recording.
Files are recorded using the quick time file format with H264 compression. This format is suitable for convenient editing. The AVCHD recording mode is also available.

3. X12 optical zoom lens with 35mm equivalent focal range of 29.6mm to 355mm

4. 2 position ND filter to maintain a natural looking stutter speed when shooting in sunny exteriors.

5. 4K compatible HDMI 1.4 connectors for maintaining the camcorder’s live 4K signal on an external display, viewing the 4K footage on a 4K T.V or connecting to switches for live production.

6. Manual focus in iris rings

7. Remote pot for wide remote control

8. 3.5mm audio input for an eternal microphone.

1. X12 optical zoom lens

2. The GY-HM200 comes with a detachable handle that features dual XLR audio inputs with phantom power making it possible to use professional microphones. The detachable handle also has camcorder operations and speed sensitive zoom control for use when shooting low angle shots or single handed action scenes.

3. 3G SDI output for interfacing with professional switches, monitors etc.

4. Built in HD streaming engine which enables live HD streaming directly from the camcorder when connected to the internet while simultaneously recording the HD footage to an SD card.

5. The camcorder can be connected to the internet for remote control and monitoring. It also gives you the ability to edit the clip’s metadata and upload the clip in FTP server for quick delivery of the footage to the editing team.

The GY-HM200 is suitable for content distribution networks.


Key Features
1. The new GY-LS300 has a body and features that are similar to the GY-HM200 with a detachable handle that has 2 XLR inputs.

2. 3G SDI output

3. Built in streaming engine

4. Super 35mm-sized 13.5MP progressive scan CMOS sensor for HD imaging
Shutter speed: ¼ to 1/10,000

5. Built-in ND filter: Clear, ¼, 1/16, 1/64
The GY-LS300 uses a Micro Four Thirds (M4/3) lens mount. The non-proprietary mouth accepts a huge selection of lens that when paired with compatible lens adapters, provides filmmakers the flexibility to use affordable DSLR lenses, vintage lenses and professional cinema prime lenses to capture 4K and HD footage.

6. The camcorder features JVC’s variable scan mapping technology that enables the camera to adjust the sensor’s scanning area to frame the image hitting the sensors through the lens. This ensures that you maintain a true native angle of view of the lens.

JVC 4K Cameras

Unlike the Panasonic HC-X1000 which is good for banquette and sports photographs and videographers, the GY-LS300 is suitable for filmmakers and professional photographers.