Who Will Make Kenya Great?

Reports from the United Nations’ Human Development Index (HDI) indicate that 39.1% of Kenyans were unemployed as of September 2017. (Image: Courtesy)

When you pose this question to the ordinary mwananchi, chances are very high that you will get one response: the government or maybe politicians. Well, they are not far from the truth. However, it is high time that we take collective responsibility in making our great nation better.

I am not negating the fact that the government has a role to play. Every five years Kenyans from all walks of life pour into polling stations with one goal registered clearly in their minds: to elect their preferred candidates into public offices. They entrust these individuals with not only representing them in the parliament, senate and other elective positions, but also with the mandate to make their lives better. The electorate ‘revisits’ these choices after every five years to decide whether to entrust their representatives with another term or kick them out of office. This goes on over and over again but the sad thing is that many are still impoverished.

According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics 2017 at least 45.2% of Kenyans live in poverty. Reports from the United Nations’ Human Development Index (HDI) indicate that 39.1% of Kenyans were unemployed as of September 2017. This is inspite of the assurances of job creation by both the national and county governments. This makes many question the ability and capacity of the regime (in this case Jubilee) to deliver and fulfill its promises to Kenyans who are pregnant with expectations each time a new government is formed.

It is a bitter pill to swallow, but truth be told. More jobs will be created in various sectors of the economy, but not every unemployed person will be absorbed. Every year, we see students graduate from institutions of higher learning in their hundreds of thousands. It is joy for one to graduate. Nevertheless after the party, reality dawns on them. Perhaps they heard the lecturers talk about and warning them in advance about tarmacking. Many apply for jobs, brave the long queues waiting for their turn to be interviewed, but only few are chosen. Where do the others go?

It is this idea that prompted me to write this article. We have played blame games for too long. We have blamed the government, we have blamed politicians, we have blamed our teachers, we have blamed our clergy and many others but to no avail. It is time to rise up. There is still light at the end of the tunnel.

If the government does not create enough job opportunities, then it is time for we as Kenyans to start creating jobs to absorb some of our fellow Kenyans. Time for excuses and throwing insults at the government and politicians is over. Every young person especially graduates have the potential to be job creators or in other words, entrepreneurs.

When we hear of Microsoft, Apple, Google, Ali Baba etc, we are filled with awe. Many admire or even dream to work with these companies or even just to be associated with them. We share their ads, we like their pages and many more. Here is the reality about them. These companies were once start-ups. In connection to that I would like to challenge young people or whoever is reading this article: start something no matter how small it is and with time you will surprise yourself.

The mistake that many folks do is to wait for the government to come to their aid. Come on here. May be you were born in a public hospital. The government ensured that you went to school and they made sure of it since nowadays it is a crime for a parent to have a child under 18 staying at home in stead of being in school. This same government ensured you sat for national exams(KCPE and KCSE). After passing these exams, the government ensured you secure a place in an institution of higher learning. After graduation many rest their hopes on the government to provide job opportunities for them and if their hopes and wishes are shuttered, they come out, stage demos and blame the government for being irresponsible.

Time has come for us not to look at what Kenya will do for us, but what will we do for Kenya and for Kenyans. Let’s ask ourselves what will do to help the government or for the government in stead of what will the government do for us. Together let’s make Kenya great and better.

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