Who Will Make The World Better?

The Late Dr. Myles Munroe used say that the greatest treasure in the world is found in the cemetery. Why and how did he arrive at this conclusion? Simple. It is due the fact that the cemetery is a home to dreams that never materialized, songs that were never sang, houses that were never built and many more. The greatest tragedy that could ever happen to someone is not to die of sickness, or may be get sacked from his job. The greatest tragedy that could ever happen is for one to leave this world without accomplishing his purpose or rather, fulfil his dreams.

We live in a world that is full of complains but devoid of solutions. We have blamed the political class for not making our lives better after entrusting them with our votes. We have blamed our religious leaders because we think they are not praying hard enough since they are the ones who are deemed to be the custodians of moral values in the society. Apparently, the society thinks these religious leaders are not upto the task anymore since the world appears to be suffering from acute moral decay day by day. We have blamed witches and wizards (some of whom are our neighbours and relatives) for the unprecedented failures amongst people in society. Everyday we wake up looking for who to throw blames to. Well, our efforts have been futile so far.

Some have bought the idea that success belongs to some class of people, while for them they are comfortable with the notion that so long as we have something to eat by the end of the day, we are okay.

If at all we are going to change this world, then we have to change our mentality. The problem is not the dry world, the problem is that we have many ‘dry people’. The eyes that look are many as opposed to the few ones that see. There are places that about a century ago, noone wanted to be associated with them simply because they were deserts. The prestigious Dubai was one of those. Right now, Dubai is a host to the world’s tallest building(Burj Khalifa) and many other tourist attractions. What changed? This is a place that many would run away from due to harsh climatic conditions, but right now Dubai is like a magnet to those who take vacations and go for holidays. It took a few people who saw something beyond the desert and were determined to make that deserted place attractive. Take another example of The Netherlands. This was a land covered by water. But some people decided to create a country out of it. No wonder they say, God made the world but the Dutch made Holland (Netherlands).

The world has witnessed a series of innovations from time to time; things which have made life easier and transformed lives. Bill Gates came with Microsoft, Steve Jobs is associated with Apple, Jack Ma is the brain behind the Ali Baba, the list is endless. What did these people have in common? They identified what the world needed and decided to meet the need. They endured all manner of storms and criticisms that were lashed at them. Right now, one doesn’t mention their names without thinking the billions of dollars that these people swim in. Some of those people who have made a difference in this world are school drop outs who defied all odds and became employers of their classmates who completed their studies.

In a nutshell, let’s stop the complains and the blame games. We have tried them before but we headed nowhere. Let’s identify the problems out there and offer solutions to them. Let’s not wait for someone else. I wind up with a quote from Strive Masiyiwa ( CEO Econet): Sometimes when we wait for someone else to act including governments, it can become an excuse for doing nothing ourselves.

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